A child’s toy
A COVID-19 defence kit
A farming cooperative in a community
A handwashing station
Assist our COVID19 response in Manila and Jakarta
Back-to-school kit
Build a school garden
Build an early childhood learning classroom
Create change for girls
Emergency cooking kit
Emergency hygiene kit
Empower women and their community
Feed a displaced family for a year
Fund our school feeding program in South Sudan
Give a community a chicken coop
Give a family a bee business
Give a girl a legal identity
Help a young woman start a business
Help children and their family to survive an emergency
Help fund a menstrual hygiene class for adolescent girls
Help girls learn, grow and thrive
Help her claim her rights
Help staff a child-friendly safe space
Life-saving mosquito nets to combat disease
Materials to build a toilet
Mum-to-be care kits
Out of school learning support
Personal protective equipment
Primary education in Myanmar
Provide a training class to case workers in Lebanon
Provide for children in crisis
Safe accommodation for young women
Supply a child’s school breakfast for a year
Support a father’s group
Support families to thrive
Training and support for a woman to run her own crop farm
Treat acute malnutrition in a child under 5 for a year
Vocational training for young women
Water and sanitation in the Solomon Islands