Frequently Asked Questions

What are Gifts of Hope?

Gifts of Hope have a superpower: they represent true change for girls, their families and their communities. By choosing a Gift of Hope, you’re not just giving a heartfelt gift to a loved one – you’re helping create a world where all children can thrive, and girls can take their rightful place as equals. You’re supporting communities to survive disaster, ensuring children and mothers are given a healthy start to life, and empowering girls to achieve their dreams. A better now for her, a better future for everyone. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?


What happens when I buy a gift?

Once you choose your gift (or gifts!), we’ll send you a physical card or digital card you can forward via email that shows the gift in action. Then all you need to do is write your personal message and forward it on to someone special. Just want to support our work? Buy one for yourself and proudly display it on your mantelpiece!


Where does the money go?

Our Gifts of Hope provide tangible examples of some of the many ways your gift can support children and break down the barriers holding girls back all around the world. To ensure we can best serve the communities in which we work, your gift will be put to work where it will have the greatest impact, supporting children facing violence, children being denied an education, and children being held back from achieving their potential.


Your gift in action

At 15, Illuminée never used to feel confident asking questions about her life or body.

But after joining one of Plan International’s youth clubs in Rwanda, Illuminée’s life changed. Along with the other members, she learnt about everything from children’s rights to menstrual hygiene, and importantly for her, how to ask for help. Now, she wants to create a better world for all girls. 

“My wish is that all children, especially girls, would know about their rights and know how to protect themselves. I want to continue to fight for children’s rights,” says Illuminée.

To support girls like Illuminée, check out our Create Change for Girls’ gift.