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Our Gifts of Hope provide tangible examples of some of the many ways your gift can support children and break down the barriers holding girls back all around the world. To make sure we best serve the communities we work with, your gift will be put to work where it will have the greatest impact.

Supply a child’s school breakfast for a year
Give a family a bee business
Give a girl a legal identity
Help her claim her rights
A child’s toy
Help a young woman start a business
Back-to-school kit
Build a school garden
Support a father’s group
Support families to thrive
Mum-to-be care kits
Feed a displaced family for a year
A handwashing station
Training and support for a woman to run her own crop farm
Help fund a menstrual hygiene class for adolescent girls
Treat acute malnutrition in a child under 5 for a year
Life-saving mosquito nets to combat disease
A COVID-19 defence kit
Personal protective equipment
Provide for children in crisis
Give a community a chicken coop
Emergency cooking kit
Create change for girls
Out of school learning support
Emergency hygiene kit
Materials to build a toilet
Safe accommodation for young women
Build an early childhood learning classroom
A farming cooperative in a community
Help children and their family to survive an emergency
Water and sanitation in the Solomon Islands
Vocational training for young women
Provide a training class to case workers in Lebanon
Primary education in Myanmar
Help staff a child-friendly safe space
Help girls learn, grow and thrive
Fund our school feeding program in South Sudan
Empower women and their community
Assist our COVID19 response in Manila and Jakarta