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Corporate Holiday Cards

Want a meaningful way to thank your colleagues, clients and suppliers this Christmas? Look no further than Gifts of Hope for your corporate gifts.

By choosing our socially responsible Gifts of Hope cards, you will not only celebrate and thank your hardworking team and networks, but also create lasting change for families across the globe who need a helping hand.

Making this small yet powerful decision of choosing Gifts of Hope for corporate gifts showcases your organisation's commitment to creating positive impact in the world.

When you purchase our Gift of Hope cards, you'll receive special cards (printed or pdf) that are the perfect gift for your employees! These cards may be pocketsize, but their impacts are larger than life. Our Gifts of Hope are tangible examples of Plan International’s work and each card demonstrates one of the many ways your gift could be used.  See your gift in action.

  1. Give 5kg of seeds to a family to grow their own vegetables
  2. Give a girl a legal identity
  3. Back-to-school kit
  4. Help a young woman start a business
  5. Give a community a chicken coop