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Your Gift in Action

Mety, a young girl in Indonesia has joined Plan International's Green Skills program

A Gift of Hope changed the life of Mety, a young girl in Indonesia. Poor soils and dry conditions made crops difficult to grow. To make matters worse, Mety’s community considered farming one of the lowest forms of work and unsuitable for women. 

When Mety showed an interest in learning agriculture, she was mocked by people who thought it was an insignificant profession. 

But Mety refused to lose her passion for agriculture. She joined Plan International’s Green Skills program, where she learned about organic farming methods that could help her cultivate her land more profitably. 

Her hard work paid off — she now grows and sells everything from melons to broccoli and her success has convinced her parents to join her in expanding her agricultural business. 

This is the power of Gifts of Hope. Through sheer grit and determination, and with the support of generous change-makers like you, Mety has become a leader in her community.  

She is proof of what is possible when you gift hope this holiday season. 

To support women like Mety, check out our Gifts of Hope.