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Give Girls a Gift of Hope

Gifts of Hope represents creating positive change for girls, their families and their communities. By choosing a Gift of Hope, you’re not just giving a heartfelt gift to a loved one or colleague – you're helping create a world where all children can thrive, and girls can take their rightful place as equals. You’re supporting families to break the poverty cycle, ensuring children and girls are given a healthy start to life, and empowering girls to finish school and achieve their dreams. A better now for her means a better future for everyone.

When you purchase our Gift of Hope cards, you'll receive special cards (printed or pdf) that are the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Gifts of Hope are tangible examples of Plan International’s work, with each card demonstrating one of the many ways your gift could be used to support children and break down the barriers holding girls back all around the world. These cards may be pocket-sized, but their impact can be larger than life.

We have handpicked a collection of cards that we think best represent girls' equality and empowerment. While we recommend selecting one of the Gifts of Hope below, you can also make a general donation here.


  1. Give 5kg of seeds to a family to grow their own vegetables
  2. Help her claim her rights
  3. Help a young woman start a business
  4. Help fund a menstrual hygiene class for adolescent girls
  5. Support our future women leaders