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Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year, which is on January 22 this year, is a time for many who celebrate to look towards the new year and good fortune.


As you prepare to celebrate this Lunar New Year and hand out those bright, beautiful red envelopes to the children and young people in your life, we hope you consider supporting children in crisis, facing violence, and being held back from achieving their potential.


We hope the Year of the Rabbit brings joy and good health to you and your loved ones — and that together we can ensure a happy new year filled with good fortune for all the children of the world.

  1. A child’s school breakfast for a year
  2. Give 5kg of seeds to a family to grow their own vegetables
  3. Boost a woman’s income with renewable energy
  4. Multiply your impact with a favourites value pack
  5. Ready-to-use therapeutic food
  6. Get lifesaving cash vouchers to families facing crisis