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Dylan is celebrating Valentine's Day with a Gift of Hope

Dylan is celebrating Valentine's Day with a Gift of Hope

Dylan is making Valentine’s Day even more special this year and giving a community a handwashing station… and you can too, with a Gift of Hope – a gift card that represent true change for girls, their families and their communities. 

Dylan first heard about Gifts of Hope from his family, “A few family members got them as gifts for Christmas a few years ago and they struck me as a really great low-consumption gift that actually makes an impact.” 

Dylan grew up with his grandmother who sponsored a child and was passionate about giving back to others. He learned about Plan International and knew it was a way he could help create positive change. 

When asked why he supports Plan International, Dylan said “I want to see a world where everyone has equal opportunity, regardless of their circumstances. And while my part in making this change for the world may be small, I know supporting Plan International is a step towards achieving this.” 

Now living through a global pandemic, Dylan sees how important gifts providing sanitation and hygiene can be. His favourite Gift of Hope is now the handwashing station, and says “It’s wild to me that in the world we live in that there are still people without access to water and sanitation.” 

Recently married, Dylan says he’ll be buying the handwashing station Gift of Hope for his wife this Valentine’s Day. “She’s at the top of my list.” 

Valentine’s Day charity gift ideas

Who’s at the top of your list? Buy them a Gift of Hope and share the love this Valentine’s Day, while helping to create a world where all children can thrive. 

See Dylan’s favourite Gift of Hope or browse the full range. With digital cards being sent to your email instantly, it’s not too late to share the love! 

Give a community a handwashing station with Gifts of Hope