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Ash is celebrating International Women's Day with a Gift of Hope

Ash is celebrating International Women's Day with a Gift of Hope

Ash is excited to be celebrating International Women’s Day by giving a girl a legal identity... and you can too with a Gift of Hope – a gift card that represents true change for girls, their families and their communities. 

A fierce advocate for gender equality, Ash recognises the importance of celebrating the women in her life. “I am always grateful to be surrounded by so many incredible, strong, inspiring, kind, successful women and I want to thank them for being in my life and showing me what’s possible.” 

To celebrate women this year Ash is giving a girl a legal identity. 

This is a small gift with so much potential. Without a legal identity or having their birth registered, girls are more at risk of early marriage and child trafficking. “It can also prevent girls from going to school, voting, achieving their dreams or making sure their voices are heard.” 

Not only an advocate for gender equality, but also the environment, Ash says “Gifts of Hope present an opportunity to not only move away from the idea of giving material gifts, but to give something that inspires people and makes a real difference.” 

Ash hopes for a future where women and girls are recognised for their successes, “where we see equal representation, and girls can dream big without fear.” 


Who inspires you? Buy them a Gift of Hope and recognise the amazing women in your life this International Women’s Day. 

See Ash’s favourite Gift of Hope or browse the full range. With digital cards being sent to your email instantly, it’s never too late to celebrate the inspirational women in your life! 

Give a girl a legal identity with Gifts of Hope